project proposals

If you have ideas that contribute to POI projects, goals, and themes, we would love to hear from you. POI staff will work with external project leaders to facilitate collaboration between end-users and knowledge providers (such as scientists or local community members), and invite funders to review projects and, where appropriate, participate in project development.


Projects proposed for further development include:



plankton plAnet

Innovative and citizen oceanography to take the pulse of biodiversity and the health of our oceans on relevant spatial and temporal scales.

Watch here

Plankton Planet website


Aotearoa Coastal Observation Network

A network of high-tech coastal buoys for providing open-access data critical to protecting and managing New Zealand’s globally important marine resources. Listen here


IndiSeas Downunder

Participation of New Zealand and Polynesian countries in the International IndiSeas initiative, which aims to develop indicators for characterizing the ecological status of exploited resources, their environment, and the human dimension of fisheries.


Humpback Whales in Oceania

An ecosystem-based approach to humpback whale population recovery in Oceania.






Marine biosecurity in the South Pacific

How can the we best understand and mitigate the biosecurity risks in the South Pacific seas? The nature of risk is not well understood, and established surveillance networks deal almost entirely with terrestrial species.


“Thar she blows”

A publicly accessible database for recording crowd-sourced marine mammal sightings from which to understand distribution and migratory patterns and link with a network of acoustic monitoring stations.

Tropical fish poisoninG

A programme designed to detect when, where and which fish become toxic.