The logo explained

Telling a story

The Pacific Ocean, its vastness and critical importance for all life forms, including humans, is expressed through the prominence of the colour blue.

The use of Polynesian based symbolism pays homage to the first human explorers that settled the central Pacific as well as recognising the area of the Pacific where POI began.

The various design elements embraced within the whale fluke represent the physical and biological elements of the ocean and planet.

Earth, sea and sky are connected on the left by the greatest of the planet’s ocean travellers – seabirds.

The ocean’s ability to regulate global climate and provide the majority of living space on the planet, is portrayed by the dominance of waves on the right. The fish beneath represents all marine life.  The human dimension appears beneath the fish and is merged through a weaving pattern and fish hook, signifying our dependence on a healthy functioning ocean ecosystem.

All elements merge in the centre to emphasise the collective benefit of combining science and community knowledge to understand and protect Pacific Ocean health.